Setup Facebook Messanger Chatbot

  • Pre-requirements:
    • Facebook Page ID where you want to implement chatbot. Open particular Facebook page and click on "About" tab from left side of page. Scroll down and you can get Page ID. Eg:1738234024743344. Save Page ID for later use
      If you do not have page, you can create one from
    • AnyTimeReply User Account. If you do not have, you can signup here
  • Create a New Facebook app from
    • Click on My Apps at top right
    • Click on Add a New App in drop down list of My Apps
    • Give app name and contact email
  • Move curser to the Messanger in Select a Product page and click on Setup
  • Choose your page where you want to implement chatbot at Token Generation section and copy that geneated Token (you need to login as Facebook for it)
  • Go to -> Login -> Channels -> Add lead channels
    Fill other details and in Facebook Access token paste that Access token which you copied from App dev page, Facebook Page ID where you want to implement it and give one verify token that you need to fill in Web hooks after this step. Please note down 'Facebook Webhook URL' and 'Verify Token' for Web hooks setup
  • Now again go to App Development center and click on Setup Hooks
  • Give callback URL / Webhook that generated in Add channel section and you saved verify token in. Save and Verify it
  • Once your webhook URL and token verified, you can see page list and "Subscribe" button. Choose particular page where you want to implement chatbot and click on Subscribe.
  • First level DONE.
    Once you subscribe, you can use Facebook chatbot for your testing purpose. Go to particular page and send message 'Hello'. To make it public, train bot from's dashboard and apply for verify
  • To verify App
    • Go to 'App Review for Messenger' Section
    • Click on 'Add to submission' for pages_messaging element
    • Complete instruction before submitting for review eg: add 1024 * 1024 size logo.. to complete it, go to settings and upload required informations
    • Click on 'Edit Notes'
    • Choose Page where you want to implement chatbot and add Commands "How are you?", "I am fine, thanks." in Automated reply or other question and answer you got while testing it. Save it
    • Go to App review and make it public
If you are facing any problem, message in our Facebook page or email us at

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